Losse rozen

Vanaf 6,00

Large-flowered quality roses. Choose the color, the length and the desired quantity.

The rose is the flower with the most symbolic meanings. The heart-shaped petals refer to love and trust and the thorns indicate that life and love are not always roses. Maybe you have declared love with roses. Red roses are therefore inseparable from love, but also with respect and affection. Pink roses are symbolic of happiness, gratitude, purity and friendship. White roses represent true love, purity and dignity.

By the way, do you know that numbers symbolize a message? For example, 7 stands for ‘being crazy about someone’, 12 for ‘thank you’, 15 for ‘excuse’, 25 for ‘congratulations’, 50 for ‘unconditional love’ and 99 for ‘eternal love’. Nice to know!